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Registering with Coventry & Warwickshire Youth League

If you would like to referee in the Coventry & Warwickshire Youth League, please contact our Referees Secretary, Derrick May on 07882 219226, or complete the registration form.

You must be registered with a County Football Association and be DBS checked.

Referee Registration

The Football Association has stipulated that all Referees must have completed the approved F.A. Child Protection Training, and completed a F.A. D.B.S. check for the ensuing season.  Referees will not be allowed to register with their affiliated County until those elements are completed.


All correctly registered Referees should be able to quote a Registration No. commencing with a NR No. for season 2015/16.


Please note, it will be an offence for our Competition to appoint a Referee that is not correctly registered and will result in disciplinary charges being levied against the Competition.


Please also note that it will be an offence by a Club(s) or Team(s) at any age group to regularly use a previously registered Referee that has not re-registered, and an offence by a previously registered Referee to seek regularly appointments as a stand-in Referee.  In any such circumstance disciplinary charges will be levied, as this action is perceived as undermining and harming the new F.A. regulations imposed.


The above changes do not affect the use of a stand-in Referee (volunteer) as in past seasons and as required under our Competition Rules 13(B).