League Fines

Please don't incur any!!

Be aware of the fines, it could cost your club money! The full wording of the following rules can be found in the League Rules document, this wording is indicative only, and simply for the illustration of the fine amounts.

Fines Schedule

Rule Reason Fine
1B(a) Failure to attend League Meeting without sending apologies £10.00
1B(a) Failure to attend League Meeting without sending apologies (first non-attendance) £5.00
2B(a) Failure to pay League Fees by 14th July £25.00
2E Failure to inform the League Secretary of your B.C.F.A. affiliation no. by 24th July £5.00
5H Failure to comply with an order or instruction of the Management Committee discretion
5H(a) In breach of the League's Code of Conduct £20.00
5I Failure to pay a fine or charge within 14 days of the date of posting £50.00
5I Failure to comply with order/instruction of Committee by 14 days of receipt suspension
6H Failure to attend an AGM without satisfactory reason given £5.00
6H(a) Failure to sign in at an AGM £5.00
6H(b) Failure to return a voting card £5.00
8B(e) Failure to register players of team at least 17 days prior to start of season per team £20.00
8K(c) Failure to return a players ID to the League Secretary for period of a suspension £10.00
8K(d) Failure to give player ID to the opposing team manager before the start of game £20.00
8K(e) Failure to allow a team to keep the players ID for the duration of a match £10.00
8K(e) Failure to return the players ID at the end of a game £10.00
8K(f) Failure to supply signatures of each player playing on the team sheet if required £10.00
8K(g) Failure to notify the League Secretary of missing or lost players ID with 3 days £30.00
8O(i) Playing an unregistered of ineligible player £20.00
8O(a) Failure to allow a management committee member to inspect player ID £10.00
9A Failure of an away team of having a change of colours if requested by a referee £5.00
9A(a) Causing the postponement of a fixture by not having a change of colours £10.00
10B Failure to kick-off at a League appointed time £10.00
10B(c) Failure to have a First Aid Kit at pitch-side at all matches £20.00
10D Failure of the home club in arranging a fixture in accordance with league rules £30.00
10F(i) Failure to fulfil a fixture £30.00
10F(d) Failure to agree to the switching of a fixture to an alternative venue £10.00
10F(g) Failure to contact the League for an alternative pitch £10.00
10F(h) Failure to fulfil a midweek fixture £30.00
10F(h) Failure to confirm a midweek fixture within 4 days of fixture £30.00
10G(d) Failure to submit team sheet to referee no later than 10mins before start of match £20.00
10I Failure of home team providing barrier for designated spectator area at matches £20.00
11A Failure to supply match sheet to match secretary within 4 days of match £20.00
11B Failure to report a result to results co-ordinator in accordance with League Rules £20.00
13B(e) Failure to select a club referee in accordance with League Rules £10.00
13B(f) Failure to appoint a referee in accordance with Rule 13A £10.00
13C Failure to appoint a club assistant referee £15.00
13E(a) Failure to pay a match official £10.00
13I(a) Failure to write a report detail the reason for a referees mark of less than 51 £10.00
14A Failure to notify League Secretary of the withdrawal of a club by 31st March £30.00
14B Withdrawal of a team following the AGM, for the following season £20.00
18B(a) Failure to return a cup or trophy by 28th February £10.00
18B(a) Failure to return a cup or trophy by 28th February, additional fine per each week £5.00
18B(b) Failure to have a cup or trophy engraved £10.00