Under 7

Danielle Bivens February 22, 2019
After two years without a proper water supply and an Electric supply Whitley Juniors have final got everything re connected
Now we feel we can offer teams the facilities they need from a club.
Whitley Juniors FC are looking for the following teams for the new season in September.
Under 7s

If you want to be at a club with it's own facilities we have three excellent pitches summer training out our own ground Winter training paid for by the club a club where all teams are treated the same you are not at the bottom of a pecking order where the so called better teams call the shots then we might have the facilities you need.
If you are interested private message me
All private messages will be kept strictly confidentia
Email: daniellewoan@hotmail.co.uk
Phone No.: 07724852358
Team Name: Whitley Juniors